Change – The only constant.

We see things and meet people everyday. We go along our work, wondering about what will make our day seem worthwhile. Things appear to be similar to how they were yesterday. People appear to be the same ones you have hung out with everyday.

But that’s not true. 

It takes the magic or mayhem of time to recognize that things have changed. Stuff wears out with use. People change with circumstances. But without time to show it’s effect we miss the small but sure variations all around us.

This is not a blog where you will be able to read exciting, inspiring, funny, abstract or helpful stuff. There are no pictures of me globetrotting or exploring hidden hideouts in the city I live in. In fact it’s not even for you. 

It’s for me.

Everyday in the morning, I will click one picture of the tree in front of my balcony and post it here. Once I form a habit of getting up early, half my goal is accomplished.

So there you have it. The same tree at the same place, at hopefully the same time everyday. Come sun, rain or snow, I’ll be there to take a photo and show it to you. After 365 days, I’ll post a timelapse video of these pictures. As we go along I’ll try to add statistics to see how often I get up or fail to do so.

Now and always, if you have any suggestions please feel free to share them in the comments.

Day 1 starts tomorrow!


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